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 Who is Wallace A. Griffith Jr.?
Wallace A. Griffith Jr. has worked the last 40 years in Safety and Security/ Law Enforcement. Wallace is now a retired member of the Chicago Police Department.
Wallace has provided personal Security protection for Dignitaries and movie /sport stars. Wallace and his wife Jacklen joined the New Covenant M.B. Church under leadership of Rev. Dr. Stephen John Thurston in 2000. At the request of the pastor, Wallace became Director of Security. His duties included the protection of the old church and the new church and outside facility grounds and also supervising a security team.In July of 2013 Wallace and his wife Jacklen joined  The True Rock Ministries under the leadership of  Pastor Earl Granberry and his wife Mother Clarice Grandberry.
Wallace also worked in the 70’s for Arrow Security in the Englewood Shopping Mall and guarded Sears parking lot and other stores in the mall. During that time he also protected a fifteen story high-rise at 71 Lafayette alone. Wallace worked for ADT Alarm Systems as a residential and commercial installer. Wallace was the only black installer during the early 1970’s. As a ADT residential installer, he installed a residential burglar alarm in Muhammad Ali's residence on Woodlawn Avenue in Hyde Park, he installed burglar alarms in Elijah Muhammad's five sons homes, and 2300 other homes inthe city and suburbs.
Wallace's passion has always been security and protection of other peoples lives.
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Wallace A. Griffith Jr.
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